iProov Now Providing Facial Authentication for NHS Login Across Android and iOS

LONDON–([1])–iProov[2], the world leader in spoof-resistant, biometric authentication technology, today announced that its technology has been deployed to verify users signing up to NHS login across Android and iOS. Following an initial launch on Android, iProov’s technology is now available on the iOS version of the NHS App.

This enables users in England to create their NHS login remotely, securely and conveniently at a time when they need it most, removing the need for manual and in-person verifications. The NHS App allows for easy and fast access to essential services such as GP appointments, access to medical records and ordering repeat prescriptions.

iProov’s Flashmark facial verification technology is now used by users to create an NHS login through the NHS App. Once a user submits a photo of their identity document, such as a valid passport or driving licence, they will be prompted to position their face correctly on the screen. Following a short sequence of flashing colours, the user’s identification will be verified and they will be able to access all the information and services the NHS App has to offer, following completion of all other checks including matching a user to their medical record.

The iProov process verifies that an individual is a real person, the right person, and is authenticating themselves right now. This protects against the risk of identity theft while giving people quicker and more convenient access to vital services wherever they are. It also frees up valuable NHS resources and saves money, as NHS Digital now needs to process far fewer manual applications. More than a million people have now registered with NHS login, with a peak of over 60,000 new IDs verified during the first week of April. The combined iProov and NHS solution has proven its ability to cope with an unprecedented increase in demand.

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO, iProov said: “The NHS login service is now a proven, secure, inclusive and effective way for citizens to verify and use their identity for health-related purposes. We have been very impressed by what the NHS Digital team has accomplished, by their agility and professionalism, and by the boldness of their vision.

This is particularly important in the current climate in which demand is unprecedented and the need for convenient and robust remote identity verification is crucial. We are delighted to be playing our part.”

Melissa Ruscoe, Programme Head for NHS login, said: “iOS users are now able to benefit from faster automatic identity verification when creating their NHS login, giving them a single safe and secure way to access their digital healthcare services such as the NHS App.

Over the past couple of months we have seen a surge in demand in people registering for an NHS login as they look to manage their health digitally.

More automated tools like this will help us to improve the experience of our users, increase demand capacity and ensure nobody is waiting too long to complete identity verification checks to gain access to their digital healthcare services.”

In addition to NHS login, iProov’s unique patented technology is used to verify identities in the Home Office ‘EU Exit: ID Document Check’ app which enables European citizens to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. iProov also provides governments, banks and other enterprises with Genuine Presence Assurance, including the US Department for Homeland Security, allowing them to authenticate users remotely on smartphones or other devices.


About iProov

Founded in 2011, iProov is a world leader in spoof-resistant, biometric facial authentication technology. Its technology is used by banks and governments around the world for secure customer onboarding, logon and authentication, to ensure new and returning users are genuine, and to guard against fraudulent attempts to gain access to personal data. For more information, see www.iproov.com[3].

About NHS login

NHS login is a service that has been created by the NHS for patients and the public. It provides a re-usable way for patients to access multiple digital health and social care services with a single login, which includes authentication for returning users.

NHS login can be used by the public to securely access their health and care information wherever they see the NHS login button. People can use NHS login to prove who they are safely and securely and, in most cases, without the need to visit their GP.

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