Bridge Makes Patient Portal Login Faster and More Secure With Fingerprint and Facial Recognition

    DALLAS, TX, April 29, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bridge Patient Portal, the enterprise patient engagement platform for leading healthcare organizations, today announced the release of biometric authentication for user login on mobile devices.

This new feature enables users to seamlessly verify their identity through fingerprint or facial recognition technology before accessing the patient portal. The functionality works on Android and iOS devices that have existing biometric capabilities. Per HIPAA regulations, many healthcare organizations have enacted policies that require users to create long-form, complex passwords that must be changed every 60-90 days, and automatic log out procedures after a predetermined period of inactivity, typically 30 minutes or less.

“We want to remove the roadblocks of having to remember complex passwords and give patients a quick, secure, and frictionless experience when accessing health information, paying bills, or communicating with clinicians. The integration of biometric authentication increases patient portal usage by making access easier for the user, which is a common complaint from patients,” said John Deutsch, CEO of Bridge Patient Portal.

This new feature comes as the healthcare industry witnesses a heightened increase in cyber threats and unresolved deficiencies with patient portal registration, login, and forgotten username/password. Consumers have shown a strong preference toward biometric authentication and Bridge has responded.

“This is a further commitment toward our unwavering adherence to security and providing our clients with the strongest measures to protect sensitive patient information,” John added.

With this latest feature, Bridge continues to refine the patient experience by giving users what they expect from modern, consumer-facing technologies. Patients can now securely self-register, reset passwords, and log in conveniently without help from staff. (All biometric user data is stored on the patient’s device and not with Bridge.) The new biometric functionality is available for Bridge’s new Bridge Patient Portal Version 3.0, which was recently released in March 2020 and offers healthcare organizations a seamless and client-branded web to mobile experience.

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